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Bespoke Solutions
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Knowledge is always at the forefront of our thinking when delivering training. ITDA is committed to delivering a quality service tailored to individual needs as we recognise that the transition from school to the workplace, and then meeting the challenges in real business life can be a pretty daunting experience. For this reason, we recognise that in some instances only a customised training experience will deliver what is required. Our expert trainers and training partners use their wealth of experience to develop customised, client-specific training courses, when needed. Naturally, we provide customised training solutions and offer unique courses tailored to your specific business and personal needs.

ITDA usual engagement would involve:

  • Initial meeting to discuss required outcomes.
  • Gathering of relevant client data.
  • Development of customized materials, case studies, exercises, etc.
  • Delivery of Training Workshop.
  • Post workshop feedback and personal support.