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61 Measuring Brand Image: Shopping Centre Case Studies 2575
62 3rd International Colloquium on Place Management Marketing and Nation Branding 3194
63 Education for Employment: Realizing Arab Youth Potential 2442
64 Good Things Come in Small Buses Delivering Small Packages on Demand Responsive Transport 2124
65 Order Lead-Time of Grocery Retailers in The UK and Greek Markets 2264
66 The Evolution from Corporate Social Responsibility to Supply Chain Responsibility: The Case Of Waitrose 2059
67 Retail Spatial Evolution: Paving the Way from Traditional to Metaverse Retailing 2249
68 E-Fulfilling the e-Supply Chain of Digital Print 2638
69 Deliberate and Emergent Logistics Strategies in Food Retailing: a Case Study of the Greek Multiple Food Retail Sector 2209
70 Investigating the Relationship Between The e-Commerce Strategy And the IS Strategy 3045
71 Evaluation of Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) Techniques: Driver Perspective 2989
72 Examining the Strategic Benefits of Information Systems: A Global Case Study 2564
73 The Role of Intermediaries in Facilitating e-Government Diffusion in Saudi Arabia 2746
74 Factors Affecting E-Government Adoption in The State of Qatar 3263
75 Analyzing the role of stakeholders in the adoption of technology integration solutions in UK local government: An exploratory study 2176
76 Determinants of Customer Continuance Intention of Online Shopping 2568
77 The Driving Factors of Continuance Online Shopping: Gender Differences in Behaviour ­ the case of Saudi Arabia 1889
78 Adapting TAM and ECT: Continuance Intention of e-Shopping in Saudi Arabia 1971
79 Driving online shopping: Spending and behavioral differences among women in Saudi Arabia 2321
80 3D Product authenticity model for online retail: An invariance analysis 2609
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