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Prof. Charles Dennis (Chartered Marketer, FCIM, Associate Editor (Retailing) of the European Journal of Marketing)
Professor of Marketing and Retailing and Director of Research
Lincoln Business School, University of Lincoln, UK
ITDA Director, UK

Areas of Expertise: e-retailing; e-Shopping; e-Consumer Behaviour; Shopping Malls; Consumer Shopping Behaviour; Marketing and e-commerce Strategy; Marketing Research; Customer Satisfaction.


Dr. Talal Al-maghrabi (BSc, MBA, PhD, MCIM, Chartered Marketer)
ITDA Founder, UK

Area Of Expertise: Marketing and e-commerce Strategy; e-Consumer Behaviour; Online Shopping; Marketing Research; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Marketing Communication; Relationship Marketing; CRM; Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty; Loyalty Programs, Airlines and Tourism.


Alan McCarthy
Associate Executive of the International Training and Development Academy (ITDA)
Founder of the Resource Development Centre in 1987

Area Of Expertise: Advanced Negotiation Techniques, Sales Target Assurance Planning (How to Always hit your Sales Targets), Business Planning, The Power of Coaching.

Prof. Michael Bourlakis
Professor in Marketing, Head of the Marketing & Supply Chain Management Group
Brunel Business School, UK

Areas of Expertise: Retail Logistics, Food Supply Chain Management, Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management, E-Business Operations.


Prof. Sue Vaux Halliday
Professor in Marketing
University of Hertfordshire, UK

Area of Expertise: Strategic, Design and enable implementation of market development plans, Understanding of public and private sectors, How to link to consumer needs and the effect of having a range of stakeholders in a complex service setting, Design, advice and support for professional development in service delivery innovation relationship marketing (Trust, Branding, Customer identification/shared values), Service innovation (Implementation, Culture Change).


Prof: Talaat Asaad Abdel-Hamid
Professor of Marketing
Mansoura University, Egypt

Areas of Expertise: Marketing Research, Marketing Planning & Strategy, Effective Marketing, Selling Techniques, Advertising Management & Sales Promotion, Banking Management.


Dr. Khaled Saleh Aldhahri
Assistant Professor
King Abdulaziz University

Area Of Expertise: Educational Programs, Human Development, Effective personal leadership, Effective interpersonal leadership, Organizational leadership, Strategic planning, communication skills, Problem solving, teamwork.


Dr. Faisal M. Al-Atabani, PhD (Lond)
Assistant Professor of law
King Abdulaziz University - IERC

Area of Expertise: Business and commercial law, Legal and shariah consultations, Islamic banking and investment: Consultations and monitoring, Real estate, Arbitration.



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