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Meet ITDA Experts



Dr. Fawaz Ali Al-Husainan
Assistant Professor and Research Director

Areas of Expertise: Economics, Marketing and Business Studies.


Dr. Sajed M. Al-Mutaira
Occupation Health Specialist

Areas of Expertise: Human Development Trainer, Social Media and Marketing Experts, Health Management.


Mr. Faiq M. Almutairi
Healthcare Researcher

Area Of Expertise: Healthcare Administration and management, Health Insurance, Media and public relation advisor.


Mr. Wajdi Al-Maghrabi
Director of Finance & Budget Affairs in Security Forces Hospital
Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Area of Expertise: Business Financial Analysis, Accounting and budgeting, Problem solving.


Assistant Professor of Media and Communication Sciences
University of 08 may 1945 Guelma/ Algeria

Area of expertise: Media and Communication, Communication Crises, Environmental Communication, Sports Media, Electronic Publishing.


Mr. Fahd bin Abdul Rahman Al-Fuhaid
Trainer, medial and public relation consultant

Area of Expertise: Marketing Consultant, Marketing and Human Development Trainer, e-Learning Experts, Radio and TV program Producer.


Dr. Firas Omar
Marketing and Technology Researcher, Middle East Region

Area of expertise: Technology Adaption, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Customer Services, Customer Behavior, The role of Culture and Lifestyle in Adaption and Purchasing Decision.


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