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The workforce market challenges are due to the expansion in various specialties of education, King Abdullah scholarship programs, and foreign investor companies with neglecting the business needs. The distributions of manpower by professional classification do not match the educational level and qualifications of the Saudi workforce.

Growth in population created many business opportunities that are led by expats. Labor market dynamics and globalisation causes high competition between nationals and expats. Furthermore, graduates from King Abdullah Scholarship Program have high expectation. As competition is increasing among highly qualified educated Saudi citizen, manpower need to enhance their knowledge and capability with up-to-date skills to fulfil the current gab.


ITDA Future Leaders SCOPE

ITDA will define the requirements of labor market skills and will develop a system and a process for these requirements in both education and business opportunities. ITSA will Propose training programs to fulfil the gap in fields between the outcome (graduate) of education sectors and the need of workplace.

The training programs should help the Saudis and all GCC studying abroad to harmonise between labor market requirements and educational output as not to have graduates with no jobs.

Help in identifying knowledge and skills needed by the workplace so the GCC (Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait) graduates can incorporate the needed skill/programs while studying.

Develop standards for continuous education and training of GCC and Saudi manpower (on-the-job training) in order to equip Saudis with the necessary skills for competition in the job market.


For More details, please contact Mr. Saqer Alwhibi at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Mobile +44788888113


ITDA Future Leaders' Team:

  • Saqr Alwhibi - Program Manager
  • Abdulelah Alrashed - Media Production
  • Fahad Almuzaini - Advertising Designer
  • Mohammed Abu Taleb - Program Representative (Manchester)
  • Ahmed Alzahrani - Program Representative (Hull)