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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification PDF Print E-mail



Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training prepares participants to solve a wide variety of difficult problems drawing on both quantitative and qualitative methods from the complementary domains of Lean and Six Sigma. Black belts have a real detailed understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodologies and are experienced in training and coaching and project delivery.


In this course we cover the following topics:

ï Practicing at an experienced level the key elements of Lean & Six Sigma

ï Apply Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology in problem solving scenarios

ï Lean techniques to reduce the ‘8 Forms of Waste’.

ï Practicing Value Streams, visual management & 5S workplace organisation

ï Apply statistical concepts (such as process capability studies, Statistical Process and Control charts, Attribute data, use of the 7 quality tools for process measurement and analysis, effective use of key performance indicators).

ï Understand the roles and responsibilities of Black Belts as seasoned Subject Matter Experts in their businesses and learn how to manage Teams to drive projects, support complex lean six sigma thinking and present complex lean solutions to senior management

ï Train Lean Six Sigma to yellow belt and green belts levels in their organisations

ï The Fundamentals and Complexities of Lean and Six Sigma

ï Lean’s eight Wastes –Identification and some elimination techniques

ï Problem solving and process improvement methods

ï ï The role of Black Belts in Lean Six Sigma projects & Responsibilitiesï The Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) improvement model



ï Project Charter

ï Business Case

ï Stakeholder Analysis Communication Plan Voice of the Customer(VOC) &(VOP),(VOB)

ï Critical to Quality (CTQ) Requirements Verifying CTQs

ï House of Quality

ï Process Map (S.I.P.O.C)

ï Project Plan



ï Understanding Variability

ï Data Definition and Sources

ï Measurement Basics Measurement

ï Sampling

ï Measuring Yield and Capability

ï Implementing the Measurement Plan

ï Design of Experiment

ï Activity Sampling



ï Data Analysis

ï Value Stream Analysis

ï Pareto Charts

ï Variation and Defect Analysis

ï Complexity


ï Frequency Charts Run Charts Scatter Diagrams

ï Cause and Effect Analysis- 5 why's



ï Enabling the Flow


ï Level Scheduling

ï Lean 5S, Kanban

ï Visual Management

ï How to Run Kiazen events and Improvement Teams

ï Theory of Constraints

ï FMEA Risk Analysis

ï Risk Priority Number (RPN)

ï Implementation Planning


ï Mistake Proofing-(Poka Yoke)

ï Statistical  Process Control (SPC)

ï Process Management

ï Lean Six Sigma Scorecards

ï Project Close and Green belt assessment



How is the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programme delivered:

ï This course is delivered over seven days by certified, experienced Lean Six Sigma professionals

ï Our trainers are experienced and accredited Lean Six Sigma/ Master Black Belts.

ï Our trainers have held Director-level positions in corporate businesses and delivered extensive lean benefits in their respective organisations

ï Delivery style includes active learning, simulations, group activities, practical individual and group exercises and application of learning to the organisation’s own projects.

ï Participants will learn how to lead Black Belt projects and to contribute in a value-added way to Black Belt Project Teams to gain breakthrough performance in key business areas

ï In addition to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt requires two extensive Improvement Projects to be completed and demonstrated by delegate evidence. The projects should show major validated savings or benefits (in terms of financial cost or proven equivalent).

ï The course is Modular, with 1.5 weeks of class-based training, and another one week of Project Review and Support by ITDA, finalised by 2 days of project and course qualifying by ITDA



The courses are designed for meeting the requirements of the following audience:


Quality Assurance Engineers & Managers, Project Managers &, Team leaders, other senior managers, business consultants, and key process owners and Professionals working in different sectors;

ï public and private sectors

ï Industrial sector

ï Educational sector

ï Administrative

ï Healthcare industry

ï Banking and Finance sector



Reasons why Organisations take part in Lean Six Sigma

Quality Problems

Customer Complaints

Poor delivery performance

Missed Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Employee Turnover

Cycle Time Increases, long lead times

Over Budget Cost Issues


Seeking Change Management or cultural change in the business



Why you should choose our Lean Six Sigma training course?

ï The training is run by lean trainers who have been accredited as Lean Practitioners through ADS in Lean and in Six Sigma through Caterpillar

ï We provide world-class learning material

ï All of our training is hands-on, using real-world examples

ï We provide pre- and post-course support so you never feel alone

ï Assessments: Written test at the end of course (Multiple choice objective type questions)





For more information please e-mail us.

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