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ITDA Certified Trainers - United Kingdom PDF Print E-mail



Mr Mohamed KHALDI (DMS, MBA, SFSC Race Equality Foundation)
Corporate trainer, SME specialist and Media Analyst
Area of Expertise: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Organisational Behaviour, HRD, Change Management, Management in Action
From 1/2/2014 To 28/2/2015

Yahya Al Qahtani
Msc in Strategic Quality Management, UK
Area of Expertise: Quality Concepts, Strategics, Tools, Certifications, Implementation, ISOs,EFQM
UK and Saudi Arabia
From 7/12/2013 To 30/12/2014

Dr. Tariq Almuhareb
MSc Technology Management, PhD researcher in Lean Implementation Management
Area of Expertise: Quality Assurance (Q.A) and, Quality Management (QM), Service Quality (SQ), and Customer Satisfaction (CS)
UK and Saudi Arabia
From 7/12/2013 To 30/12/2014

Miss. Razan Bougari
MSc Marketing Communication (UK)
Area of Expertise: Campaigns Design, Crisis Management, Marketing Communication Skills, Pillar of Happiness, Love and Life Partner, Integrated Marketing Communications, The Oscar in Crisis Management
UK and Saudi Arabia
From 7/12/2013 To 30/12/2014

Mr. Mohammed Alswedan
MSc in Islamic Finance, PhD in Finance, Specialsed in Islamic Finance with experience in Islamic Banking
Area of expertise: Finance, Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking, Principles of Applied Islamic Finance
UK and Saudi Arabia
From 7/12/2013 To 30/12/2017

Mr. Mohammed Dleem Alharbi
BSc, Public Administration, MSc in Strategics Quality Management at the University of Portsmouth, UK
Area of expertise: Operation Management, Strategic Planning and Quality Management
UK and Saudi Arabia
From 7/12/2013 To 30/12/2014

Miss. Ahlam Alghanmi
BSc, MSc in Math, UK, PhD Researcher in Math, University of Swansea
Area of expertise: Impact of Social Media
UK and Saudi Arabia
From 7/12/2013 To 30/12/2014

Thamer Almahboub
PhD Researcher, University of Hull
Faculty staff member
King Abdulaziz Military Academy
Area of expertise: Cohesion in Writing, Graphic Organisers
From 1/2/2014 To 28/2/2015

Mohammed Algarni
PhD Researcher in Leadership, University of Southampton
MSc in Human Resource Management
King Abdulaziz University
Area of expertise: Leadership, Human Resource Management, Coaching, Human Resource Development
From 1/4/2014 To 30/12/2014

Miss. Haifa Alqusair
Management Researcher, Wolverhampton University
Area of expertise: Creative thinking, Time Management, Dexterity communicative, Manage your priorities, Events Management, Basics of volunteering, Problem-solving and decision-making
UK and Saudi Arabia
From 1/4/2014 To 30/3/2016

Mr. Kinan Haddad
Director of Oxford Professionals
Area of expertise: Accounting, Internal Audit, Finance, Exam Preparation Courses for the American Certificates (CPA, CIA, CMA), 7 Habits and Time Management
From 1/5/2014 To 30/4/2015

Prof. Abdulazia Saheh Alammar
University Lecturer
Area of expertise: Creative thinking, Creative learning, Scientific Research, Personal and Organisational Success
Saudi Arabia and UK
From 6/5/2014 To 30/5/2015