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Creating Great Leadership PDF Print E-mail


Duration: One Day.

Language: English (soon will be in Arabic)

Organisations need great leaders. ITDA will provide the training course to help find them.

Modern leadership is about having the skills to unlock the power and potential of those around you. It's about bringing people together to achieve great results. ITDA leadership skills training course gives you all the tools and expert knowledge to run a professional and effective workshop on leadership.

Perhaps you're looking to improve the performance of a management or leadership team. Or you want to include leadership training as part of management and supervisor induction sessions. Whatever your need, ITDA provides you with a comprehensive leadership training course to make your life easy.

Why is running this leadership course a good idea?

Well, just imagine if your participants were better able to:

  • Inspire their teams, bringing out the best in each and every individual.
  • Overcome commercial challenges by getting everyone working together.
  • Unite individuals around a common vision, always building a consensus for change.
  • Create a positive work environment by respecting and valuing everyone.
  • Improve their self-awareness making them better, more productive leaders.
  • Simply get the job done quickly and efficiently, for overall organisational success.
  • Keep their teams happy and reduce staff turnaround.

Ultimately ITDA training course allow you to nurture a workforce that is more motivated, inspired and productive. You need great leaders. And now you have the great training course to help you get them.


At the end of this leadership skills training course, your participants will be able to:

  • Clearly define the core requirements of Personal, Team and Task Leadership
  • Increase their self-awareness and develop a positive approach to leadership
  • Utilise clear methods of getting the best out of their team and those around them
  • Implement working practices that will assist them in becoming a great leader

Intended for:

Anyone in a position of leadership would benefit from the training programme. If someone has to harness the skills and energy of other people to achieve a common goal then this course is for them. The leadership skills training course materials will benefit participants that are relatively new to the role of leadership or are in need of a fresh perspective to their leadership role.


ITDA leadership skills training course will provide the basis on which your participants can cultivate great leadership skills. There are three elements of leadership that the training will focus on, these are: Personal Leadership, Team Leadership and Task Leadership.

Icebreaker - Leadership Words - Helping participants to focus on the relevant attributes of a leader and explore their own views towards leadership.

Personal Leadership - Identifying with strengths and weaknesses and developing a strong sense of self-awareness by reviewing the following areas:

- Be True to Your Strengths - A self review of personal attributes and their current effectiveness and personal actions to develop.

- Solicit Feedback - Understanding working relationships and reviewing which interactions are working and those that are not.

- Ask Good Questions and Listen to the Responses - Challenging the participants to take positive measures to become truly self-aware.

- Commit to Lifelong Learning - Identifying valuable methods of learning and development.

Team Leadership - Learning to motivate and inspire teams in the face of challenges by reviewing the following areas:

- Be Positive - Developing a fundamental belief that you can change and improve things.

- Develop a Vision - Using a clear process for developing goals and aims that are directly related to the vision of the organisation and making them live for the team.

- Lead by Example - Realising that they must set an example to the team and effectively demonstrate they have a strong work ethic.

- Be Inclusive - Taking a questionnaire to establish their current approach to inclusiveness. Developing a sensible approach to transformational leadership and valuing the input of the team.

- Manage Negativity - Exploring the impact of negativity and establishing methods of overcoming it.

Task Leadership - Ensuring the job gets done and you are instrumental in improvements that secure the future of your work area and the organisation as a whole. Reviewing the following areas:

- Delegation - Distributing relevant work tasks in such a way that it is seen as motivational and effective. Following a clear and simple process.

- Continuous Improvement - Identifying new opportunities. Regularly reviewing business processes and methods in the drive for improvement.

- Problem Solving - Coping with problems as they arise and using a simple method to explore innovative ideas and come to a reasoned solution.



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