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Analyzing the role of stakeholders in the adoption of technology integration solutions in UK local government: An exploratory study PDF Print E-mail
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By Dr. Muhammad Kamal



Over the last decade many governments across the world have intensified their efforts to improve efficiency of public services through Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-enabled transformation of Local Government Authorities (LGAs). Many of these efforts involve implementing new Information Systems and Technology (IS/IT) and integrating various disparate legacy systems to deliver improved services. While there is a surfeit of literature that have outlined the various organizational and technical challenges posed by Technology Integration Solutions (TIS), few studies have examined the role of stakeholders and surrounding challenges when implementing TIS in LGAs. The TIS adoption process involves several stakeholders, each with specific domain knowledge and expertise that are crucial to the success of TIS projects. In this paper, the authors use the concept of stakeholder theory to analyze the role of stakeholders during the TIS adoption process with regards to their perceptions on the factors influencing TIS adoption in LGAs and their involvement on the adoption lifecycle phases. A qualitative multiple case study approach is adopted to empirically highlight the different categories of stakeholders involved in the TIS adoption process, the dynamic nature and importance of their role, and why their domain knowledge and expertise are vital for TIS projects.

Research highlights

► Project champions are vital in effectively supporting and leading TIS projects. ► Data security/privacy, top management, and managerial ability are vital factors. ► Cost, benefits and barriers related to TIS are also highly significant factors. ► TIS is not an option but a need for most LGAs aiming for better service delivery. ► Strategies and organizational-wide policies transform TIS projects into success.

Keywords: Technology Integration Solutions (TIS); Enterprise Application Integration; Local Government Authorities; Stakeholders; Stakeholder theory; e-Government