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Investigating the Relationship Between The e-Commerce Strategy And the IS Strategy PDF Print E-mail
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By Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Basahel



Combining the electronic commerce (e-commerce) strategy with the IS/IT strategy has become a vital concern in the planning process. The process of combining the e-commerce strategy and the IS/IT strategy requires the clarification of certain interrelationships in order to achieve e-commerce goals with the resources available and under current marketplace conditions. This paper is a holistic assessment of the relationship between e-commerce, business strategy and IS within ‘S’ bank. The research design involves qualitative methods; thus, it considers the literature on IS alignment and then utilizes a case study approach in an attempt to understand the 'how' and 'why' of using e-commerce at ‘S’ bank. The research examines the existing frameworks, both theoretical and practical, of the ecommerce strategy. The results illustrate that relationships exist that facilitate IS support of the business strategy and e-commerce within ‘S’ bank, with a greater focus on internal business processes than on electronic business (e-business).

Keywords: Information systems, e-commerce, alignment, strategy, case study