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Deliberate and Emergent Logistics Strategies in Food Retailing: a Case Study of the Greek Multiple Food Retail Sector PDF Print E-mail
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By Prof. Michael Bourlakis


According to the “classical” school of thought , the implementation of a firm’s strategy can be the result of a deliberate and rational process, or alternatively an emergent and non-intentional one. The rising importance of logistics in retail strategy, and, in particular, the impact of centralisation of logistical activities upon the development of a retail logistics strategy, necessitates an in-depth examination of the relevant company actions. This paper identifies which strategic approach is followed by domestic and multinational firms that operate in the Greek food multiple retail sector. The findings point out the major importance of warehousing in multinational firms’ logistics operations and the vital role of logistics in multinational retailers’ strategy. Multinational firms follow a deliberate logistics strategy that leads to increased logistics efficiency when compared to domestic firms that follow the emergent logistics strategy.

Keywords: Logistics strategies, food retailing, Greek retail sector