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Education for Employment: Realizing Arab Youth Potential PDF Print E-mail
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By Education for Employment



Executive Summary

e4e is education that leads to improved employment prospects. The need for e4e in the Arab world is urgent and large scale. This report explores how private stakeholders can contribute to meeting this need and identifies what enabling environment would be required for these activities to flourish. Beyond data analysis, we engaged in discussions with all key stakeholders, including public and private education providers, civil society, public sector policy makers and administrators, private employers, and the youth themselves in order to understand each of their perspectives. in total, we carried out more than 200 in-depth interviews and conducted surveys of 1,500 employers and 1,500 youth, focusing on nine countries that represent the diversity of the region’s income, geography, and population size: Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Palestinian territories. While specific solutions may differ from country to country, the report’s findings and themes have proven to be relevant across the whole region.

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