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أثر التحصيل العلمي الذاتي من خلال شبكة الانترنت اليوتيوب أنموذجا - دراسة ميدانية على طلبة جامعة الكويت PDF Print E-mail
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By Dr.Fawaz Salem AlHusainan



Many of the studies noted the importance of the use of electronic technologies in the process the instruction and dynamic learning methods and e-learning in the current era which is characterized by a tyranny of the use of technology in all walks of life, and confirmed these studies show that computer technology is the essential foundation which supports the education service and its transformation into a dynamic process that effectively interacts where the student with the teacher so that the melt of conventional separators between them.The present study was designed to monitor the impact of the use of electronic technologies (YouTube) in the educational process.


Keywords: Kuwait, Education, New Media, Multimedia, YouTube.