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Research Methods (beginners to advanced levels): Introducing all the methods applicable for qualitative research - Hull PDF Print E-mail

"Research Methods (beginners to advanced levels): Introducing all the methods applicable for qualitative research"


Dr. Abdallah A. AdlanBSc. CCRP. MICR. PhD. CSci

Date and Time

3rd May 2014 (10am - 3pm)





University of Hull

Student Union, 2nd Floor Room 1

Hull, HU6 7RX


Workshop Outlines:

  • Introduction to the philosophical ontology, epistemology and paradigms.
  • How do Objectives, Subjectivists and Pragmatists answer research questions.
  • Qualitative vs quantitative research.
  • Positivists VS interpretive.
  • The most common qualitative methodology.
  • The most common qualitative data collection method.
  • Hand on exorcize on the most common qualitative data collection methods
  • Different questionnaire strategies
  • How to design your questionnaire
  • Asking the right questions
  • Validate your questionnaire


Training Tutor

Dr. Abdullah Adlan

Dr. Adlan, an ITDA Certified Trainer, holds a PhD in Biomedical Science, University of Bradford, UK; Master degree Bioethics, King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Science, SA; Certified trainer from Barnett International, USA; Certified Clinical Research Professional, Society of Clinical Research Association, USA; Bachelor of Science, King Saud University in Biochemistry, SA; Member of the editorial board of International Journal Medicine and Law. Dr. Abdullah is also a Research Consultant for: King Abdullah International medical research center Children Hospital, Ministry of Health, Riyadh, SA; Riyadh Kharj Military Hospital, Riyadh, SA; TIMES, CRO in Riyadh, SA; The Saudi Center of pharmaceuticals, Riyadh, SA; Medical Ethics consultant Institutional Research Board, Senior officer; The Director of the Clinical Research Coordinators Diploma Program.



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