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Prof. Charles Dennis (Chartered Marketer, FCIM, Associate Editor (Retailing) of the European Journal of Marketing)
Professor of Marketing and Retailing and Director of Research
Lincoln Business School, University of Lincoln, UK
ITDA Board Director, UK

Areas of Expertise: e-retailing; e-Shopping; e-Consumer Behaviour; Shopping Malls; Consumer Shopping Behaviour; Marketing and e-commerce Strategy; Marketing Research; Customer Satisfaction.

   Dr. Talal Al-maghrabi (BSc, MBA, PhD, MCIM, Charter Marketer)

ITDA CEO and Founder, UK 

Area Of Expertise: Marketing Essential, Marketing and e-commerce Strategy; Social Media, e-Consumer Behaviour; Online Shopping; Marketing Research; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Marketing Communication; Relationship Marketing; CRM; Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty; Loyalty Programs, Airlines and Tourism, write your creative CV.

   Dr. Sajed M. Al-Mutaira 
Occupation Health Specialist.
Human Development Trainer, Social Media and Marketing Experts, Health Management
Kuwait and GCC
   Roger Waplington 
Roger is a motivational leader with an unusual blend of strategic, operational and people skills. Thrives in a challenging entrepreneurial and business environment, where change and rejuvenation through teamwork, leadership and profit driven growth are paramount.
Director at Leadership Management UK
United Kingdom
   Dr. Abdullah Adlan, BSc. CCRP. MICR. PhD. CSci 

Lecturer and Researcher
King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Science, UK and Saudi Arabia

Areas of Expertise: Editorial board of International Journal Medicine and Law, Research Consultant for King Abdullah International medical research center Children Hospital, Medical Ethics consultant Institutional Research Board, Trainers in Research Philosophy Methods, SPSS, Managing your Research.

   Yasmina Mallam-Hassam 
Careers Consultant with ten years’ experience in higher education, having worked at several universities in the UK. She has a special interest in international students and has represented the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) as Chair of the Internationalisation Task Group on overseas.
United Kingdom
  Martin J Norbury 
Business Growth Advisor at Nigel Botterill's Entrepreneurs Circle
Director at Leadership Management UK
Director at Blink Management
United Kingdom 
ANDREW CORCORAN (Chartered Marketer)
Director of Blueberry Training, Teaching Fellow at Aston Business School
Business Growth Advisor
25 years where he has worked in various management functions within the Construction (1986-1989), Manufacturing (1989-2001) and Higher Education (2001-2011) sectors
United Kingdom

Mrs. Calli Amiras
International & Postgraduate Careers Consultant
Brunel University

Areas of Expertise: HDeveloping an elevator pitch-or how to sell yourself to an employer, Managing Teamwork and organisational skills –using the MBTI, Ten top tips for Interview success-with practical experience and feedback, Introduction to Psychometric tests, How to write a winning/killer CV, How to research the job market, Top tips to achieve Networking success, Using social media for the job search. How to make winning applications.

Dr. Barakat D. Al-Wegyian
Media Advisor and Consultant in the Arab and GCC Region

Area of expertise: Media Consultant, Journalist and T.V Presenter.

Mr Mohamed KHALDI (DMS, MBA, SFSC Race Equality Foundation)
Corporate Trainer, SME specialist and Media Analyst
United Kingdom

Area of expertise: Leadership, Strategic Planning, Organisational Behaviour, HRD, Change Management, Management in Action.

Dr. Mohammed ALsulaiman 
Consultant in Human Development 
ITDA Regional Manager, Saudi Arabia

Areas of Expertise: Human Personal Development, Effective Personal Leadership, Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Teamwork.

Dr. Saeed A. AI-Amoudy
ITDA Professional Trainer/ PhD Researcher in Creative Cities
Salford University, UK

Area of expertise: Creative Cities, Creative Media, Online Advertising, Coach trainers for King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue, A certified trainer in the theory of TRIZ to solve problems in a creative way, A certified trainer in the form of a compass to think, HBDI Herrmann.

صورة شخصية

Mr. Sultan A. Alzahrani

ITDA Associate Trainer

Consultant in Human Development 
Saudi Arabia

Dr. Amatullah Bahaziq
Education Management and Human Development Professional

Area of Expertise: Consultant Management; Education, Human Personal Development, Effective Personal Leadership, Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Teamwork.

Dr. Aiman El Asam 
ITDA Research Manager
Kingston University, United Kingdom
Area of expertise: Trainer, Research Methods, Statistics, How to write a successful Proposal, How to write a successful PhD thesis (From A to Z), How to prepare yourself for a VIVA, Conducting a Mock VIVA.