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Sustainable Knowledge Society

Welcome to the Sustainable Knowledge Society (SKS) @ ITDA

SKS @ ITDA is a unique discussion society that integrates, collaborates and coordinates academics and PhD researchers, and professional practitioners at different levels of education, as well as stakeholders and communities, to promote a sustainable knowledge of economies and societies in the world particularly aimed towards inclusion within the Middle East. SKS@ITDA is one of many excellent research communities already progressing in this direction.




We are grateful that you have chosen us as one of your trusted and valued  knowledge destinations for deepening and sustaining your knowledge in diverse of disciplines, and most importantly to facilitate your actions.

We work with our members to establish general platform of dialogue and debate of specific values, missions and objectives that interconnect and interoperate with each other to collectively advance a more sustainable, just and joyful knowledgeable world.

We encourage and support our experts, academics, researchers and  community members to more broadly respond to, engage with and leverage this hot discussion.

We trust our ability to effectively learn from and contribute to these well established Special Interest Groups (SIGs) is expected to be one of our most valuable and impactful services. 

Do not wait --- Respond, Share and Elevate your knowledge by joining our diverse range of Special Interest Groups (SIGs).