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Special Interest Groups


Special Interest Groups are essentially networks of researchers and professionals that are interested in a particular area of science, business, marketing, education management research. SIGs members hold events regularly and provide you with an academic forum for the discussion on relevant hot topics and a valuable source of mutual support.

Collaborative links are frequently established between SIGs and other relevant academic and professional business groups, and interdisciplinary and international orientations are encouraged. Thus, through its SIGs, ITDA can foster support for emerging areas of research, and ITDA members gain opportunities to cross boundaries, develop new contacts, share ideas and expand research communities. We therefore think that active engagement with the SIGs is key to getting the most out of your ITDA group.





What Do They Do?



Get Involved and Share your Knowledge.... SIGs are run by ITDA members, for members, with support from the ITDA UK. They organise workshop, symposium and many other events on hot topics and themes relevant to thier research area. They also provide regular information about their activities for dissemination to the wider ITDA members.