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Training in Developing Countries: Reality Ambitions and Challenges PDF Print E-mail

Training is vital to any organisational, personal development and growth plans. With the fast changes in technology and human development, ITDA sees the importance to build a training incubator for the decision-makers, coaches, the trainees and the investor in the training sector, which lead to the very successful 1ST TRAINING SUMMIT in London, that took place in August 2, 2015, Cumberland Hotel.



Identify the international trends in training, and discuss the with leadership in building Training Institutions to enable attendees to think and experience the field of training, through the review of many topics, including:

  • Global training and standards
  • Training in the global changing variables
  • Training in the Developing world
  • Preparation of national training and human development plans.



  • Interested in Knowledge Transfer.
  • Decision Makers for Empowering Manpower.
  • Managers for Human Development.
  • Business Owners of Training Centres.
  • Researchers and Educators.
  • Value-Added Consultancy and Knowledge Providers.
  • Interested in the Training Industry.
  • Trainers and Trainees.



Full Presentations:

Session 1


Session 2


Session 3



The London Training Summit has agreed to organise the next summit in April 2016 at Plymouth University, UK




  • Great Opportunity for Networking with Like-Minded People.
  • Facilitate and Enhance Discussion and Communication Between all Partners in Training Industry.
  • Keep up to Date with the Latest Training Legislation Changes.
  • Training Product Innovations.
  • Best Practice.


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