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To achieve ITDA objectives by delivering the best training practice, ITDA is happy to announce the joining of DR. JASPER GRAHAM, as ITDA Certified trainer. DR. JASPER GRAHAM Is an Associate Professor in Mechanical & Marine Engineering at Plymouth University. Previously a Principle Lecturer at Portsmouth University and Associate Lecturer at Open University, and educational advisor to the British Council. He has considerable experience working with multiple international companies and enterprises, running research projects and consultancies, especially implementing Lean. During his work he has travelled to 40 countries and worked with 62+ enterprises. He has bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering, a master’s degree in Welding & Adhesive bonding, and a PhD in Engineering Materials Failure Analysis. Currently he has 38 research publications and has a book due to be published in November 2015. In his spare time he is a Harbour Commissioner, Coastguard Rescue officer, and RNLI Coastal Safety Officer.