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Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling Using Amos

ITDA is delivering an unique training in Liverpool, UK. The one day course, titled "Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling Using Amos", gets familiar with Structural Equation Modeling on the basics of how to do Structural Equation Modeling using IBM SPSS Amos software. The course covers creating Structured Equation Modeling diagrams in Amos and strategies for analyzing and improving model fit. For more information -->>>>

Prof. Tariq Alhabeeb - فهم النفسيات

For the second year in a row, the International Training and Development Academy (ITDA) will be hosting Professor Tarik Alhabeeb's lecture on "Unerstanding the Personality of People", which will be held at the King Fahad Academy in London on Saturday 12th October 2013, 1:30-5:00 pm. Please, register to confirm your attendance, Click here -->>>>


NHS IBM SPSS: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

ITDA is delivering an unique three days (6-8 Nov 2013) training to the NHS in UK. This three-day course, titled "IBM SPSS: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting", is mainly developed to get participants up and running with a set of procedures for analyzing time series data. Learn how to forecast using a variety of models which take into account different combinations of trend, seasonality and prediction variables. The new Expert Modeller features in SPSS Trends 14.0 will be covered in this course. Generate predicted values along with standard errors, confidence intervals and residuals. This course will emphasize the graphical display of your results so you can visualize your forecasting models. For more information -->>>>

Developing Positive Social Skills for Routinely Activities - دوره مهارات الأداء الإيجابي للنشاطات الإجتماعيه

With Huge DEMAND, ITDA, in association with Taibah Research Centre for Computerised Cognitive BehaviouralPsychotherapy Interventions - is presenting workshops titled "Developing Positive Social Skills for Routinely Activities" to help you understand reasons for maintaining social anxiety and provides techniques to improve your performance and confidence in your daily activities. Cultural differences between the Western English system and the Arabic World could be a trigger to develop social anxiety and negative thoughts that might affect the individual's performance when conversing with new people, making a presentation, attending a meeting or in routinely social life generally. The 2013-2014 workshops' Scheduled are available to book, Register now -->> with 10 seats available only.

ITDA Accreditation

Be Accredited - ITDA is a Leading Global Professional Awarding Body for Education and Business Development Managers. Join ITDA for 4 days (36 hours) on "Train the Trainers" workshop 0n 22-23 Nov 2014, and 29-30 Nov 2014 to be a certified ITDA Trainers. The intensive workshop is aimed for providing participants with the required skills, knowledge and techniques to be paraprofessional trainers. The program will be delivered by Dr. Abdulataif Alsuraikh, who is a know trainer in the Middle-East with 15 years of experience. ITDA provides Accreditation Certificate for suitable trainers, training materials, and training centres in the public and private sector organisations. Contact ITDA for the Accreditation process and click here to get more details and register.

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