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Training Accreditation



The International Training and Development Academy (ITDA) in the United Kingdom is a British Company established based on the English and Wales commercial Law with registration No. 07123331, its headquarters located in London. ITDA comprises a work team including academics, executives and specialists amongest businessmen and decision makers within & outside the UK in the object of offering their expertise with the highest quality standard in the fields of researches, business/education consultancy, specialized training & development programs based on scientific researches. It is anticipated that such expertise could assist in making appropriate decisions and adopt administrative methodology to fulfill the requirements of companies, establishments, governmental organizations as well as private & individual firms. These merits would be achievable through an in depth thoughts, a clear vision of the international challenges, the development revival witnessed across the globe in the object of elevating sustainable productivity levels.



ITDA is the leading global professional awarding body for Education and Business Development. ITDA provides Accreditation Certificate for suitable Trainers, Training Materials, and Training Centers in the public and private sector organisations.



Objectives of the Accreditation:


  • Spread of awareness and society development towards the comprehension of the importance of training beside investment in brains capabilities.
  • Inculcate a positive image in the minds of future generations amongst the youth who constitute 60% of the population in the Gulf Region and the Arab world.
  • Encourage the trend of positive behaviour and contribute in building knowledgeable societies based on skills within academics and professionals in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf.
  • Training & development in the object of augmenting and developing human skills.
  • Bridging the gap of knowledge & training between the west and the Arabian world.
  • Encourage and consolidate training for the well being of our society (including governmental organizations, public & private companies) so as to confront the contemporary challenges.


Advantages of the Training Center/Trainer Granted by the International Training and Development Academy (ITDA)


  • Establishing a continuance relationships with ITDA businessmen, academics and researchers throughout the world being a member of the International Training and Development Academy.
  • Placing name of the authorized Trainer in the website of the International Training and Development Academy, specifically, in the authorized trainers page.
  • Special discount on the International Training and Development Academy certificate charges (20 sterling pounds per certificate).
  • Publicizing the trainer’s courses ITDA certified by the International Training and Development Academy in the Academy's web site & its data base.
  • Participation in the programs of the Saudi British Association for Marketing & Management, within the United Kingdom and abroad.
  • Exchange of expertise and experience with members of the International Training and Development Academy.
  • Priority to be offered to participate in consultation and training projects offered to the International Training and Development Academy.
  • Special offers at reduced fees to attend conferences, seminars and courses organized by the International Training and Development Academy.


Rights & Obligations of the Accredited Party:


  • Shall publicize programs of the International Training and Development Academy (ITDA) wherever possible. This will be effected by way of special agreements to be concluded with companies or training & development centres which are agreed upon in advance. Alternatively, it would be arranged with individuals through participation in exhibitions or by publicizing in the media.
  • Shall be engaged in contracts signed between the ITDA & the Accredited Parties for training purposes, must fulfill the following criteria:-
  • Shall be running business in conformity with rules & regulations of their respective countries.
  • Their programs shall be directed to the Gulf & Arab societies and serve their interests.
  • Their financial statements shall be clear and authenticated by a legal entity.
  • Shall have a consistent financing source.
  • Shall have an authorized board of directors.
  • Shall have efficient, influential and successful activities.
  • Shall have an administrative work team capable of managing their business efficiently.
  • All of their branches shall be under the umbrella of a recognized board of directors.


Conditions Required to Accredit a Training Center/Trainer:

  • Submission of an application for an accreditation by International Training and Development Academy.
  • Send the curriculum vitae of the trainer reflecting the specialized courses undertaken and the courses given, specifying name of the course, place, location, date and the party for whom the course was arranged.
  • Attend & pass the ITDA train the trainer program arranged by the International Training and Development Academy , where applicable.
  • Payment of the Training Center/Trainer Accreditation fees.


Contact ITDA for the Accreditation process and to get more details ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


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