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What Is Their Objective

International Training and Development Academy (ITDA) has been and will continue to be dedicated to representing and developing the community of academic researchers and professional practitioners. ITDA ISGs encourage debate in disciplines from both theoretical and practice based perspectives. Through reporting and disseminating the latest thinking, the SIGs seek to develop the level of knowledge and clarity of understanding applied to a broad cross-section of activities whilst generating future themes of enquiry, collaborative research projects that can then be easily transformed to consultation and practical template applications for businesses and policy makers.

  • Act as a forum to shape the debate around contemporary issues, where issues, ideas and research can be discussed and disseminated.
  • To present the latest research and business practice.
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and develop new knowledge.
  • To bring together specialists across various disciplines.
  • To provide opportunity for students, academic researchers, managers and policy makers to present their ideas and develop their knowledge.
  • To help to develop and set down priority themes for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers.
  • To create an avenue for publications, workshop, training, symposium, and future conferences.
  • To enable networking.